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Little Music School: Who Loves it?

"LMS  has enabled us to give the gift of music to our daughter as no other program can." -- LMS Mom, South Easton
"My sister sometimes comes in to my music class and I like to teach her how to play the piano. She doesn’t know how to play it yet but I think she will learn like me some day when she is bigger." -- LMS Student, Age 4
"In the short time since our son has been enrolled, we have seen his confidence in social settings, willingness to follow instructions and ability to interact with others grow remarkably." -- LMS Mom, Norfolk
"I love my music class because I like to play with my friends and my teachers are funny and smart.  And I love music more than ice cream." - LMS Student, Age 3
"Our daughter’s occupational therapist has been thrilled to see her progress with regard to hand strength, coordination and bilateral conditional as a result of her LMS studies." -- LMS Mom, Hopkinton
"'You get what you get and you don’t get upset.'  My teacher taught me that and my daddy thinks that’s funny." -- LMS Student, Age 4
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