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Instrumental Programs

Opportunities for instrumental study abound at FSPA, with studio instruction available on piano, drums, bass, guitar, woodwinds, strings, and brass for children and adults. Small ensemble coaching, theory, and ear training classes round out our extensive music program. 

Private Lessons

The FSPA Music Department offers private lessons in all instruments. A student may begin private lessons at any time during the year, given teacher availability. Music Department Student Recitals are scheduled throughout the year. Written evaluations are issued at the end of the school year. Make-up policies can be found in the Class Schedule. Ear Training and/or Theory Classes are recommended to supplement private music instruction, especially for those with serious aspirations in music. Private instrumental lessons are scheduled according to the date of registration. Registration is ongoing throughout the year.

Introduction to Theory, Composition and Improvisation

Music theory provides the tools necessary to unlock create freedom in composition and improvisation and produces quicker learners, better sight-readers and smarter, more sensitive musicians. Students explore the parameters of music composition in hands-on way through group activities and self-directed projects. In addition to learning the rudiments of scales, chords, basic progressions and simple counterpoint, students also gain experience with computer notation programs and recording software. A formal recital of student compositions will be presented. Students must have prior note-reading instruction.

Piano, Four Hands

Piano is often a lonely undertaking, but there is a great deal of repertoire written for two people to play together on one piano! This course is designed for piano students with at least one year of lessons. Students will be assigned a partner with whom to learn a piece and will have the opportunity to play in every class. Students will be coached on how to tackle the repertoire and how to develop the skills to work on music collaboratively.

Saturday Sessions Instrumental Ensemble

Saturday Sessions meets on a weekly basis and explores all genres of music, including jazz, R&B, rock, blues, funk and pop. For students of all ages and any instrument, it is a great opportunity for musicians to supplement their instrumental studies.

Small Ensemble Coaching

A weekly coaching class designed to give instrumental students experience in playing with others, small groups are coached by experienced musical professionals in various aspects of ensemble playing including blending, staying together, part preparation, rehearsal technique and musical interpretation. Ensemble groups may perform throughout the year.

Ear Training

Ear training is a course designed for students ages 12 and older that strengthens the ability to hear sounds intelligently, through oral in-class performance and written dictation. An indispensable course for vocal and instrumental students, classes cover melodic/harmonic interval recognition, chord progression analysis, solfege, clef reading, sight singing and more. A basic ability to read music is a helpful prerequisite.

Pop Piano

Piano students learn how to read lead sheets and chord symbols to play ragtime, blues, funk, soul, R & B, rock and jazz.

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