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Academic Services

Available to any student who wishes to enroll. FSPA music, dance and drama classes are not required for participation. 

FSPA Academy 

An exciting new program that started in Fall of 2016!    FSPA Academy is a  new academic opportunity offering a collaboration with TEC Connections Academy Commonwealth Virtual School (TECCA) !  FSPA classrooms, on-site learning coach and flexible scheduling will be enhanced by an emphasis on arts, language and culture. 

FSPA AfterSchool

Since the Fall of 2016, FSPA is pleased to offer FSPA AfterSchool.  In a bright new classroom space located next to 38 Main, children will be supervised 3:00-6:00 p.m.  Children enrolled in FSPA music, dance and drama programs will be escorted to and from their classes in the after school hours.  

FSPA College Prep

Let FSPA help you apply to college performing arts programs as well as other options to keep the arts in your college experience. Group information sessions called "College Conversation" lead to individual coachings with FSPA faculty for a customized college prep program for each rising senior. 


Franklin School for the Performing Arts
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