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FSPA Academy

An academic path emphasizing arts, language and culture. 

The Franklin School for the Performing Arts is partnering with Massachusetts Virtual Academy (MAVA) to offer a complete and create academic education. MAVA offers immersive online learning for grades K through 12 and is the first diploma-granting virtual school in Massachusetts. 

In collaboration with MAVA, the FSPA Academy will offer a nurturing environment and academic home from 8:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. Monday-Friday with individually tailored academic schedules. The program will deliver MAVA’s Massachusetts State- and NCAA-approved curriculum leading to the MA State Diploma. Students will be guided by a full-time Learning Coach employed by FSPA. Field trips will enhance students’ performing arts and cultural interests, and master classes will be held on a variety of subjects for academy students. Music Theory will be taught, with elective credit being given by MAVA. Academy students will have access to FSPA Administration for career and college counseling.

More information on MAVA may be found here.

To enroll or for more information about FSPA Academy contact Hallie Wetzell


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