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Little Music School: What is it?

The Little Music School is a dynamic and inspiring music program that teaches children as young as eighteen months to play the piano and explore the musical world around them.  Built on the Three Cs – Color, Creativity and Core – the LMS program welcomes children into a creative world where music making and enjoyment is fostered, through group play, while singing, playing the piano, imagining, and creating. 


The program uses color to make written music more accessible to young children by drawing relationships between notations and different hues.


Creative activities encourage children to take ownership of the music-making process and to interpret and express music in their own way.


Little Music School students build a solid musical foundation and benefit greatly from early music instruction. Children develop musical understanding and skills in numerous areas, including ear training, sight singing, sight reading, tonal recognition, rhythm, and note reading.  LMS students also become familiar with important musical terminology, concepts, and history, beginning with their first class. 




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