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Electric Youth 2022 debuts at TBB!

We look forward to seeing you at THE BLACK BOX for Electric Youth’s 2022 debut on February 26th!  Tickets originally purchased for January 8th have been exchanged for the show time originally purchased.

Backed by an eight-piece band of world-class musicians, EY delivers high-energy music, including contemporary pop, classic rock and country hits. 

Electric Youth 2022, trained here at FSPA, includes Hayley Driscoll, Tatiana McAlpine, Sami Goldman, Abby Settle, Audrey Miningham, Devin DeAngelis, Finley Doherty, John Fitzhenry, Madigan Wirkus, Abby Trombert, Anya Fox, Ashley Pepin, Erin Belger, and Tzintli Cerda. 

EY is backed by Boston musicians who’ve performed, recorded and toured with such music legends as Tony Bennett, Aretha Franklin, Dizzy Gillespie, B.B. King, Diana Ross, The Temptations and Van Morrison.

Don’t miss this exciting evening of timeless hits and non-stop entertainment!  

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Franklin School for the Performing Arts
 2022 FSPA