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Fall Planning

We are doing our best creative thinking at 38 Main Street as we make our plans for Fall 2020.  It is clear that we need to be flexible, ready to pivot, and prepared for adjustments to the schedule as we navigate the rest of this unprecedented year.  At this time, we are preparing for a hybrid scenario at FSPA, with a fully virtual option available for those who choose not to attend classes in person.  In the fall we will teach all classes on our regular schedule and virtual classes will be livestreamed at the designated class time (not recorded).  We will accommodate all students who register, and depending upon class sizes and studio availability, we can expect larger classes to alternate in person or virtual at home, week by week.   There may be some group classes that do not require the hybrid scenario and will meet in person every week.   Private lesson students are cautioned to schedule so that your lesson time works both when you are at the school and if it is an at-home week for your group classes.

As we are doing this summer, larger spaces will be utilized for private voice lessons in order to accomplish required distancing.  Some lessons and group classes may be held at THE BLACK BOX, either in the main space or upstairs in the “green room.”  At 38 Main, the dressing rooms will remain closed when we return in the fall. The upstairs dressing room will be used as a private lesson teaching space.  Students 6th grade and older will be allowed to wait at FSPA up to 90 minutes between classes and will be required to social distance in the hallways (or recital hall when not in use). Children in grade 5 and younger, must be accompanied into the building by an adult for drop off and must be picked up in the building.

Although I am awaiting additional information from Governor Baker,  I envision continuing the safety protocols now in place at 38 Main Street including limited numbers of people in the building - parents and siblings are asked not wait in the school.  Social distancing will be enforced, face coverings will be worn at all times – including masks in all dance classes and face shields for voice and acting.  Frequent hand washing/hand sanitizing will be encouraged.  We will continue our enhanced cleaning and sanitizing protocol throughout the school, throughout the day.

You will hear more from us as our plans develop further.  We appreciate your patience, flexibility, and support!


Raye Lynn 

Franklin School for the Performing Arts
 2020 FSPA