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Fall Plan for FSPA


The Franklin School for the Performing Arts will open for the 2020-2021 season on THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 10th!   We look forward to welcoming our students back to 38 Main Street with strict enforcement of our COVID-19 safety protocols.  

 There are no wait lists! We will accommodate all students.Our classes will be conducted under the following three formats:



Most group classes will meet every week, alternating in-person and virtually.  Every student enrolled in a class that exceeds our current class limit will be assigned to an in person/virtual week rotation called ODD or EVEN WEEKS.  ODD WEEKS begin on September 10th, EVEN WEEKS begin on Monday, September 14th.  Every student will be virtual IN THE SAME WEEK for any and all classes in his or her schedule that require a hybrid scenario.  Switching weeks with another student is not allowed.   Students will be given their Hybrid Week Odd/Even beginning September 1st, after a signed registration form Policies Page is received and on file in the office.


Classes will be held in person with limited class sizes, according to the size of the studios, with distancing enforced.  All classes that fit the studios under the guidelines in one group will meet in-person every week.  Private lessons will be taught in person unless the student elects to be taught virtually.

It is possible that a student will have an in-person class on a week when a class immediately before or after that class is virtual.  In that case, the student might have to be virtual for a class if there isn’t enough time to get to FSPA to be in-person.


A student may elect to take all classes in our virtual format.  All group classes and private lessons will be livestreamed on ZOOM and private lessons will be delivered via FaceTime or Zoom.  There will be no recorded format this year and all classes will be taught at the times published in the 2020-2021 class schedule.  We are making some slight adjustments to start/end times for classes to allow for staggered dismissals and studio cleaning between classes.


All private lessons will be scheduled in-person, unless the student notifies the office at time of registration, that virtual lessons are preferred.

 Private Voice lessons will be taught in the largest studios available, with windows open, whenever possible.  Teacher and student will be distanced by 12’.  Teacher and student will wear face coverings.

 Group voice classes will be taught at THE BLACK BOX, with students wearing masks, facing in the same direction, and spaced apart by at least 6‘.  Windows will be open whenever possible.

 Instrumental private lessons require student and teacher in face coverings.  Pianos and music stands will be sanitized between lessons.

 Instrumental ensembles will meet at THE BLACK BOX, socially distanced.  Partitions or distancing by 10’ or more will be employed for horn and reed players.

Masks will be worn by all dancers and faculty in all classes.  Supervised “mask breaks” will be conducted at the teachers’ discretion.  A student may request a mask break and will be allowed to leave the studio briefly, remaining socially distant.

Students should arrive dressed for class and bring bags to the studio (please bring only necessities!)


In Acting Classes, students will wear masks and will be distanced whenever possible.  Any interactions in class, closer than 6’ while in masks, will be very short in duration. 

 All Musical Theater classes will be taught at THE BLACK BOX until further notice.  Students will be distanced and will wear face coverings for all activities.   Any interactions in class, closer than 6’ while in masks, will be very short in duration.  For group singing, students will wear masks, will face in the same direction, and will be spaced apart by at least 6‘.  Singing sessions will be short in duration; windows/doors will be open whenever possible.

 Troupes and all ensembles will meet at THE BLACK BOX or in FSPA’s largest studios and will be distanced and masked.  Please inquire by email if you would like audition information for ensembles (


Masks will be worn at all times, by everyone at FSPA, including in all dance classes.   Teachers will conduct periodic, supervised “mask breaks” while students are distanced.


Social distance of 6’ will be encouraged at all times and will be required outside of class.


Please check the schedule prior to the first week of classes.  We are making adjustments to the start/end times of classes to accommodate staggered dismissals and cleaning between classes.


Please arrive right before class time.  Please do not arrive or drop off early.

Parents of new students and young children are welcome to come into the building and accompany students to class.  Unless there is a specific need to stay nearby for a young child, parents are asked to leave and return right before the end of class.  Parents of seasoned students are asked to drop off students and wait elsewhere. 


Our rules for students are unchanged and require any child Grade 5 and younger to be supervised by an adult at all times before and after class in the building, including at Intermission and on the deck.  All parents must wear face coverings and practice social distancing.


Distanced chairs and benches will be provided for students to wait between classes.  Students may wait at FSPA up to 90 minutes between classes.  If a between classes wait is two hours, the student must be picked up and brought back to the school.

Children in fifth grade and younger must have a parent present to accompany the student when classes are back to back.    We cannot provide supervision for children changing classes.


Intermission will be happy to serve you while you wait during and between classes. Outdoor seating will be expanded as needed for additional customers.  Seating on the deck and inside at Intermission is reserved for customers of Intermission and may not be used unless food or drinks are ordered from Intermission.  No outside food or beverage is allowed inside OR on the deck.

 Families are reminded that all students (all ages) MUST BE DRESSED to go into the café.  No exceptions.

Intermission is open to the public and with consideration to all involved, students must put clothing over dance attire.  Your cooperation is appreciated.


The dressing rooms will remain closed for the foreseeable future.  Students need to arrive dressed for class.  Plan layers.


Attendance will be taken every week in all classes, virtual as well as in-person.


Make up classes must be done virtually for the time being.  Students must make arrangements with the office at least 24 hours in advance, so that the teacher can include the student in the ZOOM invitation for the day.


There have been some changes to the FSPA Dress Code.  Please access the dress code on The Spotlight Shop website or contact the FSPA office.


Introducing Online Shopping for Back to School 2020!

Please take advantage of our new online shopping option!  Order and pay online and your purchases will be packaged for curbside or inside pick up.

The Spotlight Shop staff cannot accommodate last minute purchases on the way to class this fall.  Please consider that we have a small store and the guidelines prohibit more than one customer at a time in the shop.  Please plan ahead for your dress code and back to school needs.


FSPA AfterSchool and transportation services are suspended for the time being.  We look forward to resuming those programs in 2021.


A few places remain available at FSPA Academy for the 2020-2021 school year.  Please contact Hallie Wetzell ( for further information.

FSPA's COVID-19 CONTROL PLAN is available on the FSPA website






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