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FSPA Academy Art Display

FSPA Academy Arts Elective

This past semester the FSPA Academy offered an Arts Elective to its students facilitated by FSPA parent, John Martin. The students were encouraged to explore various media including:

  • written projects enhanced with some type of illustration or photography.  
  • photo collections based on a day in the life of an FSPA Academy student.
  • multi-media pieces – painting and clay – on FSPA and FSPA Academy.
  • word art pieces in which the words themselves are used to create a picture.
  • a unique sound art project in which the sound waves generated by song lyrics were captured and digitally manipulated to create a piece that was meaningful to the artist.


These projects will be on display in the Recital Hall beginning Monday, December 17. Please join us for an informal reception on the 17th at 6:30 pm.

Franklin School for the Performing Arts
 2019 FSPA