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Welcome back Lucas Melfi ('13)

We've loved having 3 FSPA alums back in Franklin for FPAC's production of Disney's Newsies! Here's what Lucas Melfi ('13) who plays Albert had to say about being back in Franklin:

“Coming back home to FPAC for Newsies has been such a special experience. Having graduated from the Franklin School for the Performing Arts myself, the opportunity to collaborate with students of FSPA generations, both older and younger, has helped create a unique creative process grounded in trust, mentorship, and collaboration. We all, regardless of age, have so much to offer to this production, and I find myself continuously amazed by how much we are all learning from each other, while further developing the familial bonds that FPAC has always nurtured. Whether it is coming home to old friends or meeting new ones, we are forming lasting connections while pushing each other to do our very best in a challenging and rewarding production.” 

Franklin School for the Performing Arts
 2019 FSPA