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Blog Article

Happy Holidays!

On this last official day of our giving thanks, we are thankful for the many, many people in our FSPA family who help to make up our FPAC community.

Confused?  No worries.  A lot of people get confused.  Promise.

You see, FSPA (Franklin School for the Performing Arts) is a performing arts school, located in downtown Franklin.  Here at FSPA, we offer private lessons and group classes in Music, Dance and Drama.  You know - like private and group instrumental lessons, all disciplines of dance and a whole bunch of musical theater and acting courses for students of all ages.  Oh and we offer college coaching, after school transportation and after school care too! 

FPAC (Franklin Performing Arts Company) is a COMPLETELY separate "thing".  FPAC is a non-profit performing arts company that is dedicated to providing our community with outstanding entertainment all year long.  FPAC is made up of school-age performers, young adult performers, adult performers - amateurs and professionals alike. They all share the same FPAC stage with professional musicians. 

FSPA does not equal FPAC.  It never has and it never will.  When FSPA students take classes during the week, those classes have nothing to do with the FPAC shows they are in.  When folks make a donation of any kind or volunteer their time to FPAC, their donation and time have nothing to do with FSPA, in any way.  Ever.

It gets confusing because a lot of our FSPA students audition for FPAC shows (because it's what they like to do).  But as long as you are old enough, anyone can audition for FPAC shows.  FPAC has "open auditions" for anyone and everyone in the community, not just FSPA students.  Similarly, a lot of FSPA faculty members serve as choreographers and directors for FPAC shows (because it's what they love to do).  And yep, you guessed it, some of our FSPA faculty and parents also volunteer at FPAC performances (because it's what they love to do).  But all of this is and always be entirely separate from their time spent at FSPA. 

Yes, there are a lot of FSPA families who are involved in FPAC.  But there are also plenty of FSPA families who have nothing to do with FPAC and, by the same token, there are lots of FPAC families who have nothing to do with FSPA!!

Does that make sense or are you more confused?

Anyhow, we are so thankful for our FSPA family that makes up such a big part of our FPAC community.  As we head it to this super busy holiday season, it is so amazing to see so many familiar and friendly faces at rehearsals, costume checks, orchestra dinners and set load-outs.  We are very proud of that we do downtown and throughout Franklin and we hope to see you some time over the holiday season. 

Introduce yourself!  Become involved!  You'll be so happy that you did!!

Happy Holidays- from all of us at FSPA (and FPAC!!)

Franklin School for the Performing Arts
 2024 FSPA