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Blog Article

Just Passing By

Do you have any idea how old some of these benches are?  Older than some of YOU. 

They have been used to sit upon, sing upon, leap over, and write upon. 

They have been used in the hallways and classrooms of 38 Main, in the BLACK BOX theater at 15 West Central and at middle-school and high-school auditoriums across the state.  (Well, that may be a little bit of an exaggeration but they have been used more places than you can imagine.)

They have been used as desks for siblings waiting in the hallway as they work on their math homework and coloring pages. 

They have been used by parents waiting to pick up their carpool of children as they work on their Christmas card mailing.

They have been used as a make-believe roadway for matchbox cars and a make-shift cradle for sleeping baby dolls.  

They have come in handy more times that we can count.  And we are pretty sure that this trend will continue well in to 2017 and beyond.

Sometimes it's the things that we pass by every day (many times) for which we are most thankful.


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