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Yesterday, we were lucky enough to have three women who were at FSPA "from the very beginning" together again at 38 Main.  They, along with Raye Lynn, were a Creative Force To Be Reckoned With in the very early years. 

They taught drama and musical theater classes and introduced hundreds of students to the wonderful world of the stage.  They also performed in SummerStage.  At the time, SummerStage students took classes during the day and then rehearsed with adults in the evening.  At the end of the summer, they'd perform original dinner theater shows in town.  Fun, huh?

These women were Parody Writers Extraordinaire.  If you ask the right people, they can still sing some of the lyrics from songs that they performed thirty years ago.  (And if you ask nicely, they may even be able to pull out some choreography too!)

But more important than the lyrics they wrote, the jazz squares they demonstrated, the lines they memorized and the costumes they wore is the foundation they built at FSPA. 

We are thankful for this foundation that is still present at FSPA today.  This foundation is supportive, strong and inspiring.  Just like them.

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