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Blog Article

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

Did you know that FSPA has its own Afterschool program? We do - just a few doors down at 32 Main Street!  

Each day, after school, our very own FSPA van(s) pick up students from Franklin and Medway schools and drop them off at  Afterschool.  Students are brought to and from their FSPA classes and, when not in class, they hang with their Afterschool buddies at 32 Main. 

How much fun is that? 

So today, and every day, we are super thankful for FSPA Drivers, Jonathan and Steve, our Afterschool staff, Theresa and Sandy, and our many FSPA work study students who make AfterSchool such a fun place to be each day.

Thank you, all, for getting our students to FSPA every afternoon with smiles on their faces, ready to jump in to class!  Thank you for supervising with homework, making ballet buns, feeding snacks, reading books, playing games, tying shoes (many times)!  Thank you for finding lost tights, brushing hair, building with legos, coloring, zipping jackets and helping make new friends.  Thank you for making unplugged fun - the old fashioned way!

If you are interested in learning more out our FSPA Afterschool program, ask us!  You'll be {thankful} that you did too!!

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