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Blog Article

Friday Thank You Notes

“Thank you…two-way traffic, for slowing down the sea of cars that pass in front of FSPA each day but at the same time terrifying everyone each and every time we cross Main Street. “

“Thank you…main stairwell, for looking so much like the one on the other side of the school that people get confused as to which they are actually in, start backing up the steps and look completely dazed and confused at least once a day.”

 “Thank you…little back parking lot, for confirming just how important it is to learn how to maneuver a 3-point turn.”

“Thank you…Acapulcos, for feeding our students and with time to spare, even when they only have a 9-minute window between class and rehearsal.”

“Thank you…beautiful building with so much character and charm, for keeping us guessing as to whether it will be 92 degrees or 47 degrees in any given room at any given moment during any given season.”

“Thank you…lines outside the bathrooms, for being essentially non-existent for most of the day but then parade-like-length every time a three -year-old needs to use the bathroom.”

“Thank you…pink pole in the Recital Hall, for being so incredibly inconvenient and, at the same time, so much a part of who we are.”

Franklin School for the Performing Arts
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